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We Offer Fire, Storm & Water Damage Restoration Services

We probably don’t have to tell you about the damage that can occur from excess water in a property. It can be challenging to completely clean up the area and properly dry it so that mold and bacteria do not grow. Not to worry, that’s what We Restore Water Damage is here to help you with. 

Our services include water, fire and storm damage cleanup and repair. All 3 of these can produce serious harm if not addressed right away. That’s why our team of experts is available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Never delay taking action when faced with such a situation. Our team is specially trained, educated and skilled in efficiently dealing with water, fire and storm damage situations. We respond promptly so that we can limit the extent of damage to your property and salvage as much as we can.

Water Damage Cleanup

The water damage restoration process usually includes water removal, drying, demolition of the affected areas, mold treatment, and renovation.

Fire Damage Cleanup & Repair

The extent of damage caused by smoke, the fire, and any chemicals used to contain the fire is what will determine the type and the cost of restoration.

Mold Removal

The water damage restoration process usually includes water removal, drying, demolition of the affected areas, mold treatment, and renovation.

Sewage Cleanup

We start with inspection of your home to determine the scope of the sewage problem. We remove them, clean and disinfect, and restore damaged areas.

Storm Damage Cleanup & Repair

When your property experiences damage from flooding, heavy winds or even falling trees, you can call on our experts for help.

Water damage can come from more than burst pipes and bathtub or toilet overflow. 

Some of these sources include loose/leaking appliance hoses, overflowing sinks, and bathtubs, tropical storms and thunderstorms, sewage backups, and all sorts of other sources. During the winter we handle many situations involving problems after burst pipes.

Standing water and moisture are a wide open gateway for a home or business to harbor mold, bacteria, and other harmful organisms. The direct effect of this is often water-borne diseases, breeding of mosquitoes, allergies, and lots of other health issues.

Our Colorado water restoration specialists can help you restore your property after water damage and mold have occurred. Once we have assessed the situation and extent of damage, we can begin removing the excess water right away. This is followed by thorough drying and dehumidification of the area.

Cleaning and sanitizing then follows, a step that is certainly vital to eliminate unseen microscopic organisms. Last but definitely not least, is restoration. Using this type of entire process, a person can be assured of complete water removal, decontamination, and drying to revive pre-existing conditions.

Depending on the extent of flood damage, sometimes the procedure may be as simple as vacuuming up water or may be as complex as rebuilding entire parts of the building.

In the event of excess water, it is always important to act fast. This is often the difference between huge financial losses and reducing costs for water damage repair. Seek professional expertise in this situation to limit problems of the affected materials, restore the condition of the affected premises, and also to reduce the financial loss.