The Trails Recreation Center

The Trails Recreation Center in Colorado

The Trails Recreation Center is a family-based location open to the public. It focuses on building a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages ranging from kids to the elderly. The facility accommodates kids from as early as three months old. There are trained staff all certified with licenses to assist visitors in the different interests they have. Whether you are a new member or have experience in the kind of services offered here, you have a guarantee of hospitality and professionalism.

Trails Recreation Center has a wide range of modern facilities to meet the very needs that members have. The range includes weight lifting, swimming, dancing, running, gymnasiums, and aerobics. All kinds of sports are inclusive as well. You get to receive all sporty activities under one roof. The management has amenities like a cycling studio, aerobics room, Racquetball, pottery studio, Art room, climbing tower, babysitting service, family changing area, and an express bikes room. The list is endless, and as days go by, there is an introduction of a new activity. There is a massive aquatic area that lies on an 18000 sq.ft. It comprises a hot tub, steam room, activity pool, leisure pool, lap pool, lazy river, and water slides. One peculiar service that seems a bit unique is the babysitting service. There is a set of rules governing the operations to uphold the security and health of the babies. The age limit is three months to 9 years. Each child is allowed to stay for a maximum of two hours.

While the arena is open, the amenities are not accessible freely. There are age guidelines to prevent the occurrence of accidents that harm members. Every child less than 12 years old should engage in any activity with the supervision of an adult. Locations like the free weight area, cardio, and circuit equipment site are not open to kids below 12 years. Ensure you check with the guidelines before visiting. Currently, the facility has introduced martial arts like Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu Tsu for members. Registration is underway for those interested. Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, the center was closed for safety purposes, but it’s now opened again. However, the management is controlling the visitors to ensure they offer services as per the state recommendations. Such measures include wearing masks, enforcing social distancing by reducing group activities, and running regular disinfection. Most services are available only by reservation. Some of the equipment has also been moved to other areas to reinforce the social distancing rules. Unlike previously, where you could visit the place randomly, the best approach is to consult prior.

Located in Centennial, Colorado 80016, Lake Avenue, the Trails Recreation Center is open to encouraging people to lead a healthy lifestyle by partaking in various exercise activities. The facilities operating hours run from 5 am to 8 pm during the weekdays, and 7 am to 3 pm on the weekends. For those interested in renting space for training or parties like birthdays, the management offers such. Fill out the form on the website, and someone will respond promptly. Spare time and visits the place for a lifetime experience. Looking for a very well designed park, one that was opened back in 2012, featuring 11 acres of city-owned Parkland? Visit Centennial Center Park.

The Trails Recreation Center in Centennial, CO

16799 E Lake Ave, Centennial, CO 80016, United States