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Sewage Removal Services in Colorado

When sewage disasters strike you will need a fast and reliable response to control the circumstances and reduce property damage. The cause of this disaster could be a variety of things, including clogged drain pipes, dishwasher leak, sewer line blockage, sink overflow, washing machine leak, sewer line break, or even sewer drain backup. Regardless, you can expect the following when you contact our team at We Restore Water Damage:

Things to look for in a Reliable Sewage Cleanup Company

1. 24/7 Availability

There is no way to predict when an overflowing toilet or backed up sewage pipes will decide cause a disaster on your property. Our Colorado sewage cleanup specialists can be there promptly, arriving anytime day or night. Every minute counts when it comes to sewage problems.

2. Removal of Sewage and Waste Water

Our first and foremost priority is stopping the sewage flow; if still present. Immediately following we can start draining the sewage, striving to limit the damage done caused by the sewage incident. 

3. Preserving Property

You will find floorboards, furniture, structural materials and a lot more in the path of this particular type of flood. Our sewage cleanup professionals work fast to conserve whatever they can. Don’t attempt to carry this task out yourself or you could put your health (and property) at risk. Call us and our experienced team will arrive with Haz-Mat suits and the experience to handle this safely.

4. Cleaning and Disinfecting

When the sewage is removed, there will still be plenty of contaminants soaked deep in to the floor, walls and any other materials or items within the flooded vicinity. Our expert Colorado sewage cleanup company will arrive with the deodorizers and disinfectants needed to purge all toxins, pathogens and pollutants, leaving everything as clean as it was prior to the disaster.

5. Assistance With Insurance Coverage

You might know that this type of unfortunate event could be protected through your homeowner’s insurance plan. But, you may not know specifically how you can report the harm and obtain a full payout. With extensive expertise in handling these matters, our professional sewage cleanup specialists can help you get the most out of your policy.

Contact our expert team at We Restore Water Damage today for professional sewage cleanup services in the Colorado area.