Denver Colorado Temple

Denver Colorado Temple in Colorado

The Denver Colorado Temple is a property of the Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, commonly known as LDS. The church has others, and this is their 40th. Its simplicity comes from the fact that church members made contributions in every way possible to beautify it. It came in the form of donations from work proceeds, tatted clothes, and benches. Walking inside the building will leave you speechless. There are woodworks, lots of them hand-carved to uniqueness to fit the prayer theme on the inside part. Each of them symbolizes a part of the church that builds up its history to the current growth. There is an array of paints on the walls and some on the ceiling. Sufficient space brings out the beauty of these features. You will notice the glass windows in massive numbers occupying up to six hundred square feet as you proceed. It is breathtaking.

The dedication of the Temple took place on the 24th of October, 1986. The structure lies on 29,117 square feet divided into different parts, four ordinance rooms, and six sealing rooms. Before the construction, members of the community were a bit skeptical about the idea. Their concern was that the size of the Temple would overshadow other aspects of their lives. However, the church was liberal and gave them a say over choosing the location. Their final decision was at Centennial on a hilltop. The site is accessible, and also directions are quite clear. The Temple is open to the public but only in specific places. According to the Latter Day Saints church’s protocols, only members holding a temple recommend can go to the Temple. The motive was not to shut out other curios people but to preserve the culture. However, the management built a visitor center adjacent to the church, and it is free for all. Also, there is an LDS church across the street on the east side, with doors always open to anyone.

The Denver Colorado Temple has a couple of peculiarities that make it stand out the crowd of other temples of the LDS Church. When you get to the entrance, the first feature to capture your eye will be beautiful. The temple grounds hold numerous flower species you could ever imagine in varying colors. The kind of landscaping going on here is exceptional, improving the aesthetics of the place. The flowers always change depending on the seasons; therefore, if you visit frequently, the chances are that you will get treated to a different view each turn. There is a water feature that flows graciously amidst benches. You are allowed to sit on the space but not to go farther to the water. It is to avoid dirtying the place as the water is considered holy. The top of the Temple has a statue of angel Moroni, which is the first step to building tranquility.

A visit to the Denver Colorado Temple is an opportunity to learn more about LDS history. Currently, it is closed due to the Corona Virus, but living ordinances are allowed. Limited operations are underway for the safety of the congregation. Looking for a family operated and owned Escape Game venue that provides unique and fun adventures for team-building groups, friends, family, and for any person interested in a unique experience? Visit The Clue Room.

Denver Colorado Temple in Centennial, CO

2001 E Phillips Cir, Centennial, CO 80122, United States