Centennial Center Park

Why You Should Travel To The Centennial Center Park

There is a park south of Denver and Broomfield called the Centennial Center Park. It is a very well designed park, one that was opened back in 2012, featuring 11 acres of city-owned Parkland. It has actually won awards because of its unique characteristics. It is very close to the Centennial Civic Center. It is the perfect destination for locals and travelers that will be coming into the Denver area. At this park, you will find many educational and historical elements that will enlighten you. Essentially, you will get to learn more about this beautiful area. Here is what you should know about this park that captivates people that visit because of all that it has to offer.

Educational And Historical Elements Of The Park

There are quite a few historical elements in the park. You can start with the amphitheater. It focuses on four separate periods of human history. This includes classic, formative, archaic, and lithic time frames. There is the Colorado Statehood Walk that you can participate in. This will provide you with detailed information and facts. You can also go on the Viewfinder Walk which is not that challenging.

Features Found At This Park

The best features of this park include having ample parking space, electric and gas fireplaces, and also barbecue grills. It is easily accessible, and there is an amphitheater available, allowing bands and other acts to participate at this location. If you ride bicycles, you can go on the many different bike paths that have been set up and maintained. There are bicycle racks where you can park your bike and take a break. Covered shelters are also available, plus there are picnic tables and restrooms, making this one of the more comprehensive parks that you will find in and around the Centennial area.

Is This A Good Place For Kids?

This is an excellent location for kids. There are many reasons why you should consider taking them there. It is close to the Centennial Airport, and just south of the Cherry Creek Reservoir which also has its own State Park area. Effectively, you are in a region of Colorado that will allow you to pick and choose from many different activities. There are walking trails that are paved, unpaved walking trails, and playgrounds for kids that will have fun when using them. Overall, it is a safe place to bring children, and it will also be a good place for adults to co-mingle. If you have not been to this park yet, you may not realize how well-built it is and you will understand why many people recommend this location.

Centennial Center Park is a fantastic place to begin your journey throughout the Denver area. Specifically, if you are in or around Centennial, this would be the perfect way for you to start enjoying your vacation. Parks always represent a nice respite from the fast pace of the city. Perhaps this is a location that will help you recover from the travels that got you there. Either way, it’s a great destination that everyone should see when they visit Centennial in the state of Colorado. Looking for a historical site and an attraction for many thousands of tourists each year? Visit 17 Mile House Farm Park.

Centennial Center Park in Centennial, CO

13050 E Peakview Ave, Centennial, CO 80111, United States