17 Mile House Farm Park

Seventeen Mile House

Located on 8181 South Parker Road in Centennial, CO is the 17 Mile Ranch. This wide-open space is an important historical site and an attraction for many thousands of tourists each year. Here is what you should know about this important landmark in Centennial.

What is the History of the 17 Mile House?

Back in the 1800s, the Smoky Hill Trail was an important route for those answering the call of the gold rush and heading out into the west. Those who frequented this route would invariably come across a 33-acre stagecoach stop featuring a log and clapboard structure that was one of two trail houses still left at the time.

Throughout the Colorado Gold Rush of 1858 – 1859, a massive influx of fortune seekers flooded into Denver on horses and classic covered wagons. There were two routes they would follow to their destinations. The Cherokee Trail would enter from Oklahoma and the Smoky Hill Trail which arrived from Kansas. Way stations soon began to spring up along the route to provide service to those traveling along Cherry Creek.

Some of these way stations were named after their distance from the intersection of Colfax and Broadway in Denver. Thus, 17 Mile House and 4 Mile house received their specific names.

17 Mile house was originally under the ownership of Mary Hightower who moved to the area in 1866 a mere 4 years before the advent of railroad travel changed everything. By 1870, the railroad had reached Denver and the need for traversing the hardships of wagon trail was all but extinguished. This is when the 17 Mile House ceased to be a way station.

The site was almost torn down in 1877, but a strong wave of public opinion saved the structure. By the early 1880s, 17 Mile House had become a fully-functioning farm and one of two-way stations that survived in the area. The other way station that survived was 4 Mile House.

The 33-Acre expanse of land was scheduled for urban development. But a 1001 land acquisition by the County of Arapahoe gave the land a new use and its current position of popularity as a recreational and historical attraction.

17 Mile House Today

Today, visitors to the 17 Mile House can take a step back to a simpler time when the 17 Mile House came into service over a century and a half ago. As a country-designated heritage location, this popular attraction features a frontier-style house, red barn and milk shed. All the architecture in the area has been restored to its original grandeur as it was when the farm was reconstructed in the early 1900s.

The 17 Mile House is now a great place for families and friends to kick back in the wonders of the natural environment and participate in a wide range of exciting, recreations, and educational activities.

What to Do at 17 Mile House

There is a sprawling 30-acres of pristine scenic terrain to explore and plenty of ways to do it. It is ADA accessible and also has bike routes and bicycles to borrow as well. Take the time to explore the trailheads for adventures in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

Visitors can also rely on ample parking, bathrooms, and all the amenities that make put door exploration that much easier. Looking for a Brewing Company in Colorado? Visit Halfpenny Brewing Company.

Seventeen Mile House in Centennial, CO

8181 S Parker Rd, Centennial, CO 80016, United States